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Whether youre looking for

New Construction or an existing renovation,

J&R will make you feel right at home... 

It is probably one of the most important things you’ll ever own: your HOME. A major financial, as well as sentimental investment, it is only reasonable you would want your home to be built and designed as you envision it. And you wouldn’t just trust anyone to transform your home in to the dream home you’ve always wanted. You’ll want someone with great attention to detail and quality workmanship, someone who strives to have the job done right the first time, and someone who would treat your home as if it were their own from beginning to end.

Rest assured, just because a renovation project is finished, it does not mean J&R’s commitment is over by any means. Your home is still your home and when your needs change, we want to be your primary choice for all your future home projects and plans! We strive to secure a reliable and trusted lifelong relationship with all our clients so we never compromise quality or service and we always stand behind our work!

Whether it’s a grand majestic entry; a warm, inviting kitchen; a spa-like oasis of a bathroom or a completely new home from the ground up, if this is what makes you feel right at home, the J&R Team can make it happen.



New Home Construction

Whether you have just a parcel of land, architectural plans, or just a concept in mind, J&R Construction can help fulfill your new home construction dreams. With our proven track record of building beautiful custom homes all throughout the Maryland area, our experience and expertise will help guide you along this tremendously complex and stressful process. We have award-winning architects that can help you finalize your concept or we are more than happy to work with an architect of your choice. Our team of knowledgeable professionals work together on your behalf to ensure that your new home project goes as smoothly as possible and stays within your budget.

Tear Down and Rebuild

Do you love your neighborhood but not the house you are currently living in? Does the idea of a new addition to an otherwise outdated home make you cringe? Tear down and rebuilds may be a viable and economical option for you. J&R has stellar expertise in replacing existing homes with completely new custom homes in its place. We work closely with you to build the house you have always wanted on the land that is already your’s. Our skilled team of professionals will ensure that the project adheres to current state and county regulations and the end result with be a brand new home in the location you already love.

Whole House Renovations

It’s an all too common scenario. You own the perfect looking house in the perfect location but the interior of the home isn’t quite your style or you’ve outgrown the existing floor plan. Whether you don’t know where to begin or you have some ideas already in mind, J&R Construction is here to help you find and implement the solutions to truly make your home suit your needs and reflect your style.

Small Scale Renovations

Updating a kitchen, refitting a bathroom, adding on an addition or finishing a basement: a home project of any size, large or small, has the same amount of importance and consideration when it comes to the J&R Team. The reason being is that it is still a project within your home and obviously, an area of your home that you feel requires some attention. As always, what is important to you is just as important to us. We will work closely with you to make sure your renovation ideas and desires come to life and blends seamlessly with the rest of your home.




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